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Interlocking pavers and engineered wall block are a beautiful way to create a breathtaking backyard oasis. Whether it is a patio, a fire pit area, pool deck, or a retaining wall to create more usable space in your backyard, we have countless products available to make your dream yard come true.

Our Process

Here at Great Scapes we have high standards on our installation methods. Permeability, drainage, and foundation depth is key in a solid installation that will last as long as the product itself. We start with excavation, removing enough earth depending on the soil composition, to replace with 1" clear stone to create a solid foundation to be compacted into place. 1" clear stone creates a permeable foundation that allows ground water to flow through the foundation without compromising the structural integrity of the foundation. For pavers we then screed a thin 1" layer of crushed stone over the clear stone foundation that will give us a smooth and malleable surface to lay our interlocking pavers on. Our pavers are then installed and have a concrete collar with rebar poured around the outside perimeter. We then compact our pavers into the crushed stone layer using a specially designed paver roller compactor which compacts and smooths each paver to soften the edges from paver to paver and create a uniform surface. Finally, our seams are filled with a high quality polymer sand that gets watered into place and cures to form a rubber like seam filler that locks pavers into place and prevents vegetation from growing over time.

Our wall installations are excavated to create a 3ft void between soil and wall in order to fill with 1" clear drainage stone and perforated drainage pipe to direct ground water away from behind the wall, downhill to a drainage outlet on your property. Water sitting behind retaining walls is the biggest reason for wall damages and failure.

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